LPG Boiler Installation Stourbridge

Installations and Replacements of LPG Boilers in Stourbridge 

Our LPG boiler installation and replacement services are available in Stourbridge and the surrounding areas. 

Looking for a Stourbridge gas engineer to assist with the installation of a new replacement LPG boiler? For a free quote, contact our boiler installers in Stourbridge.

Our installation service for LPG boilers 

If you're looking for an LPG trained gas engineer in Stourbridge to install a replacement LPG boiler in your home, or if you're looking to switch from another fuel to LPG, you've come to the right place. 

Bog Standard Plumbing's gas engineers are fully qualified to install LPG boilers across Stourbridge.

In addition to installing your new boiler, we're also available to assist you in selecting your new LPG boiler if you haven't already; whether it's a 2 bedroom house that requires a powerful enough boiler for just two people or a 5 bedroom house that requires a powerful enough boiler for six, we're confident that we can assist you in selecting the right boiler for your needs. 

We'll aim to install your new replacement LPG boiler at a time that's most convenient for you; we're flexible so you don't have to be!

LPG boilers operate similarly to gas boilers, with the exception that the fuel is stored on-site rather than sourced from the grid. That's why, when we install a new LPG boiler, we also install (or inspect) an LPG storage tank and, if you haven't already, we'll assist you in contacting local LPG suppliers to guarantee you always have enough fuel for your home. 

Call our Stourbridge gas engineers immediately for a free LPG boiler installation quote.

Advantages of Installing an LPG Boiler In Stourbridge

There are a few fuel alternatives Oil-fired boilers, for example, provide a fuel alternative for homeowners who are not connected to mains gas. However, here are a few reasons why we advocate installing an LPG boiler LPG boilers are considerably less expensive than some oil-fired boilers. 

  • While the unit cost of LPG is more than that of oil, it is substantially more efficient, which means that installing an LPG boiler will reduce your heating expenditures. 
  • Modern LPG boilers are 90% efficient, which means that for every £1 you spend, just 10p is "wasted." 
  • LPG boilers are often smaller and quieter than oil-fired boilers.

Are you looking for a new LPG boiler? We have some financing alternatives for you. Click here, or use the contact information below, to get in touch with us. 

For a new LPG boiler installation in Stourbridge, contact our gas engineers

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