Boiler service

We offer boiler servicing on all gas and LPG boilers across Lichfield, Birmingham, Stourbridge, Bromsgrove, Harborne and Dudley.

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Boiler servicing 

Servicing is a vital part of maintaining the health and longevity of a boiler and central heating system, even for a boiler that has just been installed. During a boiler service, our engineers will inspect and test all of the major components within the boiler so to identify any faults that may pose a safety risk or otherwise inhibit the efficiency of your boiler.

To prepare your home and the boiler for the winter, we highly recommend booking a boiler service in the summer months, but nonetheless, we're more than happy to service any boiler at any time of the year, so just get in touch

Boiler servicing benefits 

It's beneficial to have your boiler serviced annually for a number of reasons, but to name a few...

Lower energy bills

By minimising inefficiencies in the boiler and ensuring that fuel is put to better use, you can reduce the costs of your energy bills; significantly so in some instances! 

Avoid boiler breakdowns

Avoid the costs of expensive boiler repairs by identifying and mitigating problems early on. 

Quieter boilers 

Boilers that are regularly serviced are quieter than boilers that aren't. 

Landlord based or Stourbridge? 

If you're a landlord, it's not only recommended that you carry out an annual boiler service, it's a legal requirement!

You can read more about the benefits of boiler servicing on our blog page. We hope it helps! 

Qualified gas engineers in Lichfield

Our boiler engineers are Gas Safe Registered and LPG trained, meaning we're qualified to service both gas and LPG boilers, whether that's a regular boiler or a combi boiler, it doesn't matter. Before we go, we're more than happy to offer top tips to help you get the most out of your boiler for years to come...

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