Plumbing Services

Offering our plumbing services in Stourbridge, Harborne, Dudley, Bromsgrove and all surrounding areas.

At Bog Standard Plumbing and Heating, we offer a wide range of plumbing services to cover all of your needs! Whether it's for your own home or for a commercial business. We have a team of engineers available today, to book an appointment please give us a call on 0330 113 2248 or use our website's contact form.

Plumbing repairs

Whether you're faced with a dripping tap or a burst pipe, we are on hand to help you with all of your plumbing repair needs. We charge no call-out fees whatsoever and we have a team of plumbing specialists available. Some of our plumbing services include: 

  • Repairing leaking/burst/frozen pipes
  • Repairing blocked baths, sinks, toilets
  • Water leak detection
  • Shower installations/repairs
  • Toilet installations/repairs
  • Water pump installations/repairs
  • Water supply pipe repairs
  • General plumbing services

We offer all of the above plumbing services to both domestic and commercial customers in Stourbridge, Harborne, Dudley, Bromsgrove and all surrounding areas. 

Leaking Pipes

Water leaks can cause serious damage to a property once they start, and they can end up becoming very expensive to repair if left alone. That is why at Bog Standard Plumbing and Heating, we advise all of our customers to get in touch with our specialists at the earliest time possible after learning that you have a leak in the plumbing system of your property. 

This may be detectable by hearing a continuous dripping sound, water damage to the paintwork of walls or ceilings, or simply noticing your meter going up even when nothing is turned on. We suggest that you call one of our experienced plumbers on 0330 113 2248 when you identify a leak so you can get it repaired by one of our plumbers as soon as possible.

Dripping Taps

In any household, there are many cases where bathroom or kitchen taps leak even when they are turned off. This may be an issue that you may consider too minor to call a plumber for, but professional plumbers such as our staff at Bog Standard Plumbing and Heating will know the correct way to treat your specific plumbing system. For instance, turning off the water supply to the tap may be a complicated process if you do not know how to do this. It is always best to get in touch with one of our plumbers before attempting to fix a dripping tap yourself. 

Emergency plumbing services

To ensure that you receive a prompt response from Bog Standard Plumbing and Heating, we highly urge you to give us a call in case of an emergency on 0330 113 2248. We want to make sure you have a solution to any of your plumbing needs as soon as possible. Click the button below to be taken to our emergency plumbing page. 

During these uncertain times, with the UK in periods of lockdown and with the global pandemic still being a current issue, we have published a blog post that you can take a look at to see what we're doing to help all customers throughout this pandemic. You can rest assured that we'll still be safely and professionally completing all emergency plumbing work while adhering to government guidelines. You can also check out our COVID-19 PDF to view what measures we're taking to assure that we're working safely, and socially responsibly.

Get in touch with our plumbers in Stourbridge... 

If you need a plumber in Stourbridge, Harborne, Dudley, Bromsgrove and or any of the surrounding areas, please call us on 0330 113 2248 or send us a message through our contact form and we'll be with you ASAP. Remember to take a note of our number so you've always got a plumber in the Stourbridge area to rely on. 

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