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Looking for a gas engineer in Stourbridge to help with the installation of a new replacement LPG boiler?

Take advantage of the free, online boiler quote tool on our website. To get a quote, you just need to answer a few questions about your home. We'll then provide you instantly with our recommendation and quote for installation. 

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Our LPG boiler installation service

If you're a homeowner that's looking for an LPG trained gas engineer in Stourbridge to install a replacement LPG boiler in their home, or you're a homeowner that's looking to switch over from another fuel to LPG, then you have come to the right place.
Our gas engineers at Bog Standard Plumbing and Heating are fully qualified to install LPG boilers. 

In addition to installing your new boiler, we're also on hand to help you choose your new LPG boiler if you haven't already; no matter whether it's a 2 bedroom house that needs a powerful enough boiler for just two people or it's a 5 bedroom house that needs a powerful enough boiler for six, we're confident that we can help you choose the right boiler for your needs. 
Once we've identified your new replacement LPG boiler, we'll aim to get it installed at a time that's most convenient to you; we're flexible so you don't need to be!

LPG boilers work in a similar way to gas boilers, except the fuel is stored on-site, as opposed to coming off of the grid. That's why when we install a new LPG boiler, we'll also install an (or check your existing) LPG storage tank and if you haven't already, we'll help you get in contact with local LPG suppliers to ensure you always have enough fuel for your home. 
Call our gas engineers in Stourbridge today for a free LPG boiler installation quote. 

Benefits of installing an LPG boiler

There are a couple of fuel alternatives for homeowners that are disconnected from mains gas, like oil-fired boilers, for example. However, there are a couple of reasons why we recommend installing an LPG boiler...

  • LPG boilers are available at a much cheaper price than some oil-fired boilers
  • Whilst the unit cost of LPG is more expensive than oil, it's significantly more efficient, meaning your heating bills would be lower by installing an LPG boiler. 
  • Modern LPG boilers achieve 90% efficiency, meaning for every ¬£1 spent, only 10p is 'wasted'. 
  • LPG boilers are usually smaller and quieter than oil-fired boilers. 

Interested in getting a new LPG boiler? We even have some finance options available to you. Click below, or access our contact details using the contact details below. 

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