Everything you need to know about LPG Boilers

Needing a new boiler can seem a daunting task, especially if you are unsure on what type or size equipment you might need to complete your boiler replacement successfully. If you are unsure on the type of boiler for your home, you should speak with one of our heating engineers here at Bog Standard Plumbing and Heating. We offer many plumbing and heating services, including boiler installation, across the Birmingham, Dudley and Stourbridge areas.

LPG Boiler Birmingham

What is an LPG boiler?

In recent years, technology has progressed when it comes to central heating systems. Boilers are much more energy efficient and a LPG boiler can provide your home with hot water and heat from a bottled gas supply, meaning your property does not need to be supplied from the gas mains.

But what does LPG actually mean?

LPG stands for - Liquid Petroleum Gas. Liquid Petroleum Gas is made up of a mixture of hydrocarbon gases, which results in its final form being a liquid. The most commonly known forms are Butane and Propane.

These fuels are often used in your home to supply gas barbecues. LPG is highly efficient because it has a low level boiling point. This is why LPG boilers are often considered by homeowners when it is time for a new boiler replacement. However, the gas is extremely flammable and care needs to be taken when it is transported and stored.

What is the difference between a LPG boiler and a standard gas boiler?

The Liquid Petroleum Gas for the boiler is kept in a storage tank unlike the gas supply for a standard gas boiler that comes from the gas mains supply. Your heating engineer will help you decide if you require a dedicated LPG boiler or if you would prefer a modified natural gas boiler for your home. The LPG boiler installation will include the setting up of a safe storage area for the Liquid Petroleum Gas to be stored at your home. It is very important that the storage area is well maintained for safety. Here are some key points to bear in mind: 

- LPG containers need to be stored upright.

- They need to be kept outside and above ground level - ventilation is key. 

- They need to be kept away from the entry points to your property.

- LPG needs to be kept away from heat.

Buying your LPG fuel:

LPG gas is stored in bottles at your home. The fuel, therefore, needs to be purchased in advance. New LPG bottles can then be bought to replace the old ones when the level of gas is low.

Why have a LPG boiler installed?

There are many benefits to having your heating engineer install a LPG boiler. These are: A large amount of fuel can be stored in a small space. They are highly efficient and more environmentally friendly. They produce fewer carbon emissions. They are a much quieter boiler system. If you are looking for a boiler replacement in the Birmingham, Dudley or Stourbridge areas, please call one of our experienced heating engineers on: 0330 113 2248 or browse our dedicated LPG service page for more information.