Things To Consider Before Buying A New Boiler

Boilers are an expensive purchase; so it’s important to get it right. You need to consider what you want from a new boiler, how much hot water you need, where the new boiler is going to go and more importantly, which type of boiler can successfully accommodate the above. Hence, we’ve compiled a small guide for all of our customers across the West Midlands that denotes these several factors.
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Size and location of the new boiler

Newer condensing boilers release a cloud of steam through the flue when they are switched on and in operation. You need to consider where this cloud of stream will filter. Will it annoy your neighbours or will it filter through a window back into your home? Additionally, it’s important to consider the size of your new boiler and whether you have the storage space to accommodate it. The size will most likely depend on your needs, but measuring the available space is recommended before selecting your ideal boiler.

Boiler manufacturer

Different boiler manufacturers have different advantages. Baxi sell a number of combination boilers that come with a complimentary, no-catch 10-year guarantee, whilst other manufacturers such as Glow Worm sell boilers at a considerably low price - although the efficiency of their boilers in comparison might be compromised. You need to consider which is more important, quality, after care service or price.

Which type of boiler to install?

There are three main types of gas boilers that we can install… 

-   Heat-only boiler – Recognised more commonly as a convention boiler; heat-only boilers store hot water in a large cylinder/storage tank. These are more appropriate for larger households where there is a greater demand for warm water.
-   System boiler – Also stores hot water but has more components built within and is much easier to install than heat-only boilers. Similar to heat-only boilers, these types of boilers are more appropriate for larger households.
-   Combination boiler – Much smaller in size compared to the other two boilers as it only heats water as and when you need it. These types of boilers are typically more appropriate for smaller households that only have one bathroom and a much lower demand for warm water.

Additional considerations for a new boiler

There are all sorts of tips and trick that you can use to get the most out of your boiler. Loft insulation, pipe-lagging, regular boiler services and more. Our next post next week will go into more detail about how you can lower your energy bills this winter and get the most out of your new boiler!

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