Benefits of underfloor heating

Have you been contemplating getting your radiators replaced with underfloor heating in Stourbridge? If you are local or based in any surrounding area such as Dudley, Harborne or Bromsgrove, you should keep reading this blog post...

If you are deciding whether you install underfloor heating in your home in Stourbridge but are not sure of the benefits, then you've come to the right place. The team at Bog Standard Plumbing have listed out all the benefits that come along with getting an underfloor heating installed. If you're ever interested in finding out more about our central heating services then be sure to call us on 0330 113 2248 or send an email to

Underfloor heating is a much more modern and efficient way of home heating. It has well and truly taken over traditional radiator systems. The reason simply being is because it heats the entire home through the installation of heating pipes or electrical wiring. Not only are they a popular trend, they come with many benefits...

Energy Efficient 

Energy efficiency is what makes underfloor heating stand out over conventional radiators. Underfloor heating helps heat the house floor upwards and warms the objects in the room, allowing your entire room to heat up quicker.

Increases value of your home

As this is a much more modern and advanced way of heating your home, the value of your property is. likely to increase. When potential buyers visit your home and notice the underfloor heating installation, they will be given the impression that your home is more luxurious and modern.

No radiators = Increased wall space!

By replacing your current radiators with underfloor heating, you're likely to get much more space in your room, especially on the walls. This allows you to include extra furniture 

Low Maintenance 

Probably the biggest benefit of underfloor heating systems is the lack of maintenance needed for it to function! Radiators often need bleeding, or powerflushing, whereas underfloor heating requires very minimal or no maintenance.

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