Is Your Boiler Due An Imminent Repair?

Here are a few telltale signs that suggest you should call in one of our gas engineers in Stourbridge, Birmingham etc. to take a look at your boiler. It might just save you a costly repair...

A broken boiler heats SLOWLY

Over time and with constant use, the burner in your boiler can wear out, causing mineral deposits to build up inside. These deposits cause the boiler to heat up much slower, which in turn causes your water to heat up much slower too. If this problem is left untreated, it can cause the boiler to wear out quickly as it has to work much harder. Hence, it is essential you call our gas engineers before you have a broken boiler on your hands.
Check to see if your radiators are heating up slowly and contact us if you have any concerns...

A faulty boiler is LESS EFFICIENT

Keep an eye on how much fuel your boiler is using and how high your household bills are each month so you can spot any abnormalities. Faulty boilers tend to work much slower, using up a lot more energy and wasting a lot more money. If your bills seem higher all of a sudden (without you using more energy) it may be worth calling our gas engineers to check if your boiler is close to a breakdown, before the problem escalates.

A broken boiler is NOISY

It's normal for a boiler to make some form of quiet background noise when in use, but if this noise appears louder or you can hear rattling, banging or gurgling noises, it might suggest that there's trapped air in the system. Or, if you can hear a hissing sound, this might imply your boiler is overheating to an extent. Whatever the noise is, it is important you call our gas engineers to check it out...

A broken boiler may SWITCH ITSELF OFF

This is a very easy problem to spot and is a clear indication that something isn’t right with your boiler. There are many causes of this, including a faulty thermostat or water pressure problems and should be sorted as soon as possible so you can quickly get back to a boiler you can rely on.

A faulty boiler may LEAK WATER

Another easy problem to spot; if you've noticed puddles surrounding the boiler or leaking from the pipes; it's fairly obvious that there's something wrong with your boiler. Not only is this an obvious suggestion of a leak, it may also create damp or mould in your home. Hence, it's best to get it sorted quickly with our gas engineers before the risk increases.

Contact our gas engineers in Stourbridge, Birmingham for a boiler repair...

Do any of these problems affect you and your boiler? Are you in Stourbridge, Birmingham, Wolverhampton or Dudley? Then you may have a broken boiler in need of a check up with one of our gas engineers. If so, give us a call on 0330 113 2248 and we’ll be happy to help you out with any enquiries!