Emergency Plumbing during COVID-19

Over the past few months, the impact that the emergence of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been greater than we could have imagined. This virus seems to be affecting all aspects of our lives and at this moment in time, it is hugely important that we stick together, and support each other so that we can look to come out of this crisis stronger! Here at Bog Standard Plumbing and Heating, we have a team that are supportive, hard-working, and determined to ensure that our customers are supported in these times of need. That's why we can guarantee that we are fully committed to providing our customers with plumbing assistance that is needed in these difficult times by offering emergency services to our customers.

We understand that during this pandemic, it is essential that social distancing is maintained to limit the spread of the virus to the best of our ability, however, we are well aware that there are instances where emergency plumbing work is required while we are locked-down in our homes. 

Why can you rely on Bog Standard Plumbing and Heating?

Even though the government guidelines maintain that all people that are not essential workers must work from home if possible, unfortunately, it is clear that in the plumbing industry, working from home is not a viable option. Perhaps your radiator has started leaking and you are not qualified to know how to fix it correctly, or your boiler has completely stopped working and you have no hot running water in your home? These problems may mean that you are in need of emergency work, and Bog Standard Plumbing and Heating can lend you a hand in these difficult times.

If you live in Stourbridge, Birmingham, Dudley, Wolverhampton, or any other surrounding areas, then our Gas Safe registered engineers can be called upon to handle urgent tasks both large and small, including minor repairs or entire system breakdowns. Our engineers have a wealth of experience in the industry and are well versed in adhering to safety conditions during the pandemic. We will, of course, be maintaining social distancing regulations upon entry to your home to undergo work in attempt to limit any potential spread of COVID-19.

At Bog Standard Plumbing and Heating, our well-experienced engineers are all deeply proud of all aspects of their work, from the quality of their tools and the materials that they use to the safety standards adhered to. These standards will be maintained and even further adhered to during this pandemic to ensure the safety and protection of both our customers and workers.

How do I know if my plumbing issue is an emergency?

Our expert plumbers and engineers cover a wide range of work, from bathroom installations through to major plumbing installations and repairs. There are certain types of plumbing work that unfortunately do not count as emergency plumbing, for example, if you are hoping to get a brand new bathroom fitted. In these instances and other similar scenarios, we, unfortunately, cannot work on these plumbing tasks. If, however, you have experienced an unplanned leak or breakage in the plumbing network of your home, then this would count as an emergency and you should call us on 0330 113 2248 to speak to one of our professionals. If you are still unsure as to whether your problem is an emergency or not, then please do not hesitate to give us a call anyway, and we can clarify this for you. Below are a few examples of what comprises of a plumbing emergency:

  • A water leak
  • A burst pipe
  • A boiler breakdown (for which you will need to ensure the engineer is Gas Safe registered)
  • A blocked or leaking toilet

In essence, you can figure out if your plumbing issue is an emergency if it relates to running water in your home. If your water system is damaged at all or endangers your family, then you will require our emergency services.

Contact us for emergency plumbing!

If you ever need to call on us in an emergency, or you are curious as to whether your issue qualifies as an emergency, then you can call us on 0330 113 2248. Or if you have any other questions or queries, you can drop an email to us at info@bogstandardplumbing.co.uk at your earliest convenience.