What is an 'evohome' smart control system and why do you need it?

Most households that are based in Stourbridge, Harborne, Dudley, Brierly Hill, or Oldbury have central heating installations that are not as technologically advanced as they could be. Honeywell's evohome system is the smartest, most impressive smart controls system yet. Read all about it in this blog post from Bog Standard Plumbing.

What is an evohome smart controls system?

The Honeywell evohome system consists of a central controller device, special TRV heads that you fit every radiator, plus a few other optional additions. The Honeywell evohome controller is now onto its third generation system, which is called Hometronic.  In this blog post, we will explain why opting for a evohome smart system is a fantastic choice when deciding which smart controls system to have installed in your home in Stourbridge, Harborne, Oldbury, Brierley Hill, or Dudley.

At the heart of the system is the evohome smart controller. This is what makes the evohome such a good choice for your smart thermostat. The evohome controller wirelessly connects to all of the other sensors and thermometers all-around your home. (These can either be thermometers or actuators).  

An efficient way to heat your home

The reason why the evohome system is such a good investment is because you have the ability to make local changes on your TRV or local thermostat and this change is wirelessly reported back to the evohome controller. The second reason for the back-channel is that the devices can report their demand for heat, meaning that the boiler only needs to fire up when at least one radiator is calling for it. This means that you will be using your boiler much more efficiently than usual, and also means that it will lengthen its longevity. 

Can any sized home have an evohome system installed?

At Bog Standard Plumbing, we recommend that an evohome system is ideally suited to older properties with old fashioned boilers and radiators, although it is also compatible with more modern installations such as underfloor heating! If you have a system with a stored hot water tank heated indirectly by your boiler it’ll also be able to control that, so all in all, the evohome is a very versatile smart controls system.

The evohome system even allows you to create and individually control up to 12 heating zones in domestic properties, while also controlling domestic hot water, too! That's why we'd recommend investing in an evohome controller when looking to control temperatures in larger properties such as large apartments; large, 4-bedroom family homes; homes with business use; multiple occupancy apartments and even commercial spaces such as doctors surgeries and small offices. 

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