FAQ's on General Plumbing in Wolverhampton

We all know good plumbing is required in our home to live comfortably and to access clean water, but the jobs a plumber does and doesn’t carry out can sometimes cause some confusion. Plumbing covers almost everything to do with your pipes and water, but in some cases it can be unclear whether you can manage jobs yourself, whether you need to call a plumber, or whether a different tradesperson is required.

In the following post, we answer the most commonly asked questions we hear about general plumbing from our customers in Wolverhampton and beyond. At Bog Standard Plumbing, we know not everyone is as up on their plumbing knowledge and geekery as us, but hopefully after reading you’ll have a better idea of what a plumber does and know when you might need one!

Frequently asked questions about plumbing in Wolverhampton

What’s considered a general plumbing task?

General plumbing covers a whole range of tasks, including repairs to your toilet, fitting a new shower, changing a set of taps, fixing pressure problems, installing an outside tap, replacing pipes, fitting kitchen sinks and appliances… and much more! Plumbing tasks also include the maintenance of the plumbing in your home, and covers everything to do with water and pipes in and around your property. 

Can I fix a plumbing problem myself rather than calling a plumber?

The answer to this is both yes and no… depending on what the repair is and how much experience you have. If your toilet bowl is a little loose and just needs tightening, there’s no reason at all why you can’t try to do it yourself. If, however, there’s a large blockage or a hidden pipe is leaking, it’s best to call in the experts as you could cause more damage from attempting a repair you don’t really understand. 

Does plumbing include fitting a new bathroom?

Yes. Most homeowners find a plumber to fit their bathroom, and they undertake all of the vital pipe and fitting work for your new room. They usually manage the whole project, bringing in necessary tilers and plasterers while overseeing them and dealing with the plumbing of all appliances.

How long does a plumbing repair take?

This can be difficult to say as plumbing repairs range from small and simple things like a leaky tap to bigger problems like a leak behind the walls or a burst pipe. A good plumber will always try to fix an issue quickly, though sometimes a part may be required or the problem may take longer than expected to assess. 

Many plumbers carry some spare parts and pipes with them, so sometimes the issue can be fixed within one appointment. They should, however, keep you fully up to date on time frames and arrange any necessary follow-up appointments on a day and time that suits you both. 

What is Gas Safe registration?

Gas Safe registration is something heating engineers should have. It means their qualifications and experience have been verified, so they can work on gas boilers or other parts of your central heating system. Not all plumbers are also heating engineers, so if your plumbing issue is related to any part of your central heating system you must hire someone who is Gas Safe registered, as not doing so can be both dangerous and damaging.  

How do I know I’m hiring the right plumber?

We know hiring a plumber can feel a little daunting as you want to be sure you can trust the person carrying out important work in your home. However, a few key things can help you decide on who to hire and offer some peace of mind that they will do a good job. 

The first is to check their online customer reviews to see if others have been satisfied with the standard of work completed. The second is to check if they are insured to work in your home, which they absolutely should be. You can also check their website to see how much experience they have and the areas of plumbing they are skilled in, as not all plumbers cover every type of plumbing task. 

Finally, you can ask if they are members of a trusted directory, such as Verified or Checkatrade, which will give you some extra reassurance.

Are you local to Wolverhampton?

We certainly are. We work throughout the Wolverhampton community, with many of our customers in this area.

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