How to prevent your pipes from freezing

Worried your pipes will freeze over through the winter months? You aren't alone! This is a common worry amongst homeowners, as frozen pipes can cause several problems for your home - especially if it causes the pipes to burst. However, this is a very simple problem to avoid, and Bog Standard Plumbing have a few top tips to keep you protected this winter.

Insulate outdoor taps and pipes (lagging)

If your outdoor tap is connected to your mains water, it should be protected with insulation to keep the frost out. This is a simple task, as insulated tap and pipe covers are readily available at a cheap price in any DIY shop. If your pipes are not lagged or are done so poorly, this is the biggest reason your pipes will burst. When the ice expands, it can cause the pipes to burst which causes even further issues.

Fix leaky taps ASAP

If you are aware of any leaky taps, you should fix them as soon as possible, especially in the colder months, as this can encourage your pipes to freeze. Not only this, but failing to do this wastes unnecessary water.

Check the pipes of your washing machine

Washing machine hoses can cause several problems that are all easily preventable. You should occasionally check the pipes at the back of your washing machine, making sure they are secure and in good condition. If they look like they need replacing, this can be done cheaply and relatively easily.

What to do if my pipes freeze?

If you find your pipes have frozen, you should turn your water off immediately. You should then start thawing your pipes, which can be done in several ways. The best options include: switching your heating on, using wet towels, or using hot bottles. If the pipe bursts, you should also switch the heating off and call a plumber as soon as possible.

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