More Plumbing Maintenance Tips

At Bog Standard Plumbing we live and breathe plumbing and heating, but understand this isn’t the case for most homeowners! However, the plumbing in your property is one of the main things that means your home functions as it should. Without it, there would be no way to safely dispose of toilet waste, there would be no showers, baths or taps with running water and there would be no central heating.

It therefore makes sense to take care of your home’s plumbing, keeping it healthy and reducing the risk of needing to call us out for emergency repair work.

Following our recent post explaining some simple plumbing maintenance tips you can do to help keep your plumbing ship-shape, we’ve now created a follow-up guide. Below, we offer some further tips on maintaining the plumbing in your home by carrying out some straightforward tasks that don’t take too long and won’t break the bank!

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Insulate your pipes

Frozen pipes are very common during winter and can cause major disruption to your home. If a pipe freezes that’s connected to your boiler, you won’t be able to get any heat or hot water, which is a hassle at any time, let alone when the weather is freezing cold! Frozen pipes can also cause burst pipes, which is one of the worst plumbing problems you can experience, causing potentially serious damage to your home and meaning you may even have to move out for an extended period while it is fixed.

However, by insulating your pipes you can help prevent them from freezing over and therefore greatly reducing the risk of the above issues. Insulating your pipes is easier than you think and can be done yourself. Simply buy some foam lagging tubes that are the correct size for your pipes from your local DIY store. These are then wrapped around your pipes to keep them protected from severe weather elements when the temperature drops to near or below zero.

Don’t risk a toilet block

While it’s tempting to see the toilet cistern as a magical solution for ridding your house of all waste, it isn’t, and doing so can cause serious damage. When people flush things such as cleaning wipes, baby wipes and nappies down the toilet they get stuck and can easily cause blockages in your system or the drain outside your property. Unblocking this is no fun for anyone and can be costly, as well as unpleasant. To keep your waste system in good working order, only ever flush toilet tissue and human waste down the loo!

Arrange a powerflush

Over the years debris, sludge and rust builds up in your central heating system and negatively affects its performance. If it’s not dealt with this debris can even cause it to breakdown. By arranging a powerflush, where your engineer injects water at high velocity throughout your system to give it a deep clean, you’ll be giving the health of your central heating a huge boost. Powerflushing only needs carrying out every five to six years, so is an investment definitely worth making.

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