How to save money on your gas bills this Christmas

Everyone knows that this time of year is always an expensive one with Christmas just around the corner, and most of us trying to stay inside to make sure that we're able to enjoy Christmas with our families, there is even more chance that your energy bills are likely to be more expensive than ever this year as you stay at home. However, in an effort to help all of our customers across Stourbridge, Dudley, Oldbury, Brierley Hill and Harborne save some extra cash, Bog Standard Plumbing have provided a few top tips to reduce your gas bill this Christmas.

Don't forget to book your boiler service

By getting your boiler serviced at least once a year, you can guarantee that it is operating at its optimum running efficiency and therefore delivering the results that your money is paying for. Not to forget, a regular boiler service can reduce the potential of a breakdown by highlighting problems early on, which might otherwise result in the need for a very costly repair. We offer boiler services in Stourbridge, and the surrounding areas such as Dudley, Oldbury, Brierley Hill and Harborne.

Check competitor energy supplier rates and think about switching supplier

Although you may think that this suggestion is not a change you're likely to make, changing your energy supplier is very likely to save you the most money in the long term! People are often reluctant to switch suppliers because they fear that the process is either too complicated or not worth the hassle, when in actual fact if you switch suppliers every year, you are likely to benefit from cheaper or at least the same rates.

However, energy suppliers cannot afford for the process to be complicated in fear of losing customers at the first hurdle, but we can definitely promise that the benefits of switching are worthwhile. In some cases, you can make annual savings totalling hundreds of pounds. To find out more about how to switch energy suppliers, or if you have any questions about how to do so, then get in touch!

Keep doors closed throughout your home

In the cold winter months, it's important to close the doors of rooms that are not in use and restrict the heat into a smaller area. You will notice a huge difference. Whilst you're there, turn the radiators off in the rooms that you have closed, there’s little point in heating them if nobody is going to be using them.

Use tin foil on the back of your radiators

Admittedly, placing tin foil behind radiators might look a little odd, especially to visiting family members and friends, but it actually does work, and is a handy trick! The tin foil will reflect the heat that is otherwise wasted on heating your walls. You can use any old household kitchen foil or you can purchase genuine heat-reflecting foil from a local DIY store, built exactly for this purpose; hence the results are slightly better.

Make sure to bleed your radiators

If your radiators have cold spots, you could possibly benefit from giving them a bleed. The process is relatively straightforward. You can purchase a bleed key from most DIY stores and all you need to do is wait for the hissing noise to pass, which is the sound of gas being released from the system. This will allow you to reduce your gas bill because you will no longer need to increase the temperature on your thermostat in an attempt to squeeze out heat from tiny warm spots.

Use pipe-lagging on exterior pipes

If you have any exposed copper piping, place pipe-lagging around the entire pipe. The extra insulation will reduce the amount of heat escaping from your pipe and keep the warm water inside warmer, for longer. Again, pipe-lagging can be purchased from most DIY stores.

Get in touch with us for help with your central heating

Here at Bog Standard Plumbing, we’re specialists when it comes to efficient home heating. If you have any questions regarding your central heating or are concerned that you might need a repair, please get in touch. You can fill out a form on our contact page.