The Pros and Cons of a Combi Boiler

Combi boilers are a great option for many homes, and worth considering if you are planning to have a new boiler installed. Although they have been established for a while now as an alternative to a regular or system boiler, they may not have been available when your home last had a boiler installed. It’s therefore worth finding out more about them to see if they might suit your needs.

Combi boilers aren’t for everyone, so we’ve written the following guide to fill you in on their advantages and disadvantages to help you make the right choice before you purchase your new boiler.

Main pros of a combi boiler

As self-contained units, combi boilers work by themselves so don’t require a tank or water cylinder. This means compared to installing a regular boiler from scratch, combi boilers are substantially less expensive to do.

You don’t need to put your hot water on and wait 30 minutes for it to heat with a combi boiler. Hot water is piped instantly when you turn the shower or tap on without delay!

Combi boilers can save you money on your bills as when you use them there is no waste. With other boilers, more water than you need is likely to be heated which you have to pay for whether you use it or not.

If storage is an issue in your home, a combi boiler can be a great space-saver as they don’t require a separate tank or cylinder.

Your home’s EPC rating can be improved when you have a combi boiler, due to them being so efficient.

There’s less chance of your central heating system building up debris, rust and sludge with a combi boiler because it only heats the water you need, rather than there being extra lying around in the cylinder or tank.

Main cons of a combi boiler

With a combi boiler, you’re unable to use hot water from more than one point at a time in your home. This means you can’t have a shower while someone else has a bath or washes up in the kitchen.

This also makes combi boilers unsuitable for homes with an en suite as well as a bathroom, or for larger families who have a higher hot water demand.

The mains pressure in your local area must be good for a combi boiler to perform well.

Because there is no immersion heater with a combi boiler, it’s your only option for heating water. This means if it ever breaks down you’ll be without unless you have an electric shower.

A power shower isn’t possible with a combi boiler, due to the pressure being set by the mains and unable to be changed.

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