Is It Time For A Bathroom Refurbish?

Here in the UK we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, 1 and ½ years of our entire life, on average. That’s a huge amount of time to spend in a room that’s a far cry from our room of dreams. Is now the right time to get your room of dreams? Is now the right time to get a bathroom refurbish? Take a look at the signs…

Faulty bathroom circulation

Bathrooms that fail to recirculate moisture out of the room will slowly accumulate mould. Not only does mould look unsightly, it can also be damaging for your health. If you have mould, please consider at least the installation of a new circulatory system or a new bathroom altogether and start afresh.

Old bathroom décor

Bathroom design trends move on quick, so if it feels like you have to walk through a time machine to get into the shower, it’s definitely time for a refurbish.

Old bathroom tech

Bathroom design trends move on quick, but technologies move on faster. If you haven’t updated your bathroom for a while, you might be able to benefit from self-flush toilets, sensor taps, under floor heating and more. Build your home for the future with a new bathroom. Not to forget, if you refurbish your bathroom you can have the plumbing work revamped, reducing the chances of an emergency leak!

New home in Stourbridge, Birmingham?

Different people have different tastes, if you’ve recently moved home and detest the bathroom of the previous tenants, get a refurbish quickly before holding it off and never getting round to it.

Changing family circumstances

Perhaps one of the top reasons to get a new bathroom. If the size of your family has grown, maybe it’s time to add two sinks or a larger shower/bath to make that morning routine that little bit faster. On the other hand, if the size of your family has decreased and the children have finally moved out, why not consider turning your bathroom into the bathroom of dreams, maybe a huge bathtub?

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