When Do I Need to Hire a Gas Engineer in Wolverhampton?

If something goes wrong in your home it’s natural that you want to get it sorted as quickly as possible. There are lots of different parts to every home, and unfortunately that means that from time to time there can be various issues. These might relate to your appliances, your electrics or plumbing, or something outside like your roof or guttering.

While there may be some problems in the home that you can attempt to repair yourself, others require a trained professional. This is because attempting some things without being qualified can risk your safety and also lead to further damage and expense.

An example of this is if you come across an issue with your boiler, thermostat or any other part of your central heating system. This should be investigated by a qualified gas engineer who is Gas Safe registered, as anyone working with highly dangerous substance must have the necessary skills, experience and accreditation.

When you might need a gas engineer

Boilers are wonderful inventions, keeping you and your family warm and comfortable at home, and providing you with hot water as and when you need it. 

As with most things, though, boilers do have the potential to go wrong at times and even well-built boilers occasionally need some TLC. For example, parts don’t last forever, so there are many things that can need repairing over the course of your boiler’s life.

Some of the common central heating issues we come across are:

  • A boiler that’s switching itself off

  • A faulty thermostat

  • Radiators not heating fully or with cold spots

  • Pipes freezing

  • Heating working but not hot water, or vice versa 

  • A boiler that’s leaking or making loud noises

If you experience any of these issues or have another problem with your boiler or central heating system then it’s important to contact a Gas Safe registered heating engineer as soon as possible. While in most cases they will be able to identify the issue and resolve it quickly, gas can pose a serious safety risk so you shouldn’t delay in getting things checked over by a professional.

A gas engineer has the right skills, qualifications and experience to carry out specialist work on gas central heating systems. Qualified heating engineers are also Gas Safe registered, meaning they’ve been checked and approved to undertake all gas work in homes and businesses. 

As well as carrying out all boiler and central heating repairs, a heating engineer can also install new boilers and service them annually as well.

How Bog Standard Plumbing can help

At Bog Standard Plumbing we’re qualified gas engineers, with in-depth knowledge and experience of boilers and central heating systems. We’re Gas Safe registered and primed to help, whether you’re looking for boiler installation, a central heating repair or a boiler service.

Experienced gas engineer in Wolverhampton

If you’re looking for help from an experienced, qualified heating engineer, you’re in the right place. Our professional team is fully insured to work in your home and have central heating knowledge that’s second to none. 

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