Which Type of Boiler is the Most Energy Efficient?

If you’re considering purchasing a new boiler, it’s important to make sure you make the right choice. A boiler is a big investment, and whether you’re having a new one installed as part of a planned renovation or because your current one is broken beyond repair, you want to be sure you’re buying the right one.

Part of this is choosing a boiler that’s rated for energy-efficiency. This is important because it helps the planet, and can also save you money as the less energy you use, the cheaper your heating bills will be.

Why it’s important to use an energy-efficient boiler

Much of the energy we use produces harmful emissions called CO2. These are released into the atmosphere and are causing devastating damage to our planet, which is why we now have an energy crisis on our hands.

The government has introduced new laws to try and conserve energy in the home, so all new boilers on the market should be A-rated for efficiency. Coupled with buying a condensing boiler with this rating, the type of boiler you use and the way you use it can also make it as energy-efficient as possible. 

Which type of  boiler is a good choice for energy-efficiency?

System boilers

System boilers are ideal for families that use a lot of hot water and have more than one bathroom. This is because they can send multiple sources of hot water to your taps and showers at the same time. You must heat water in advance with a system boiler, so there is a chance there can be some waste, but on the other hand, as the hot water cylinder can retain heat they are very energy-efficient in some ways as you don’t need to keep heating water throughout the day.

There is also the option of using them with eco solar systems, making them potentially extra energy-efficient to run.  

Combi boilers

Combi boilers can be extremely energy-efficient and can operate without any waste. This is because they heat water as you need it, without the need to store it in a hot water cylinder. Therefore, with a combi boiler, you only heat what you use.

The disadvantage of a combi boiler is that they can only send hot water to one outlet at a time and therefore don’t suit bigger homes with more than one bathroom.

Regular boilers

Regular boilers are similar in some ways to system boilers, working alongside a hot water cylinder and are able to provide hot water to different taps at the same time. However, they also need a separate cold water tank too, while system boilers don’t. Because regular boilers also need water heating in advance and then storing, they may not be as efficient as a combi boiler due to the potential for waste.

However, they are often a better choice than combi boilers for bigger homes with multiple bathrooms or families who use a lot of hot water.

Finding an energy-efficient boiler that’s right for you

While combi boilers are in some ways more energy-efficient than regular or system boilers, they are only suitable for certain types of homes. So if your home is bigger than average or has multiple bathrooms, a combi boiler won’t meet your needs.

However, as long as you choose a condensing boiler that’s A-rated for efficiency then you’ll be making a good choice - whichever type you go for.  You can also check which brands are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) as this means they’ve been checked and approved as being as energy-efficient as possible.

Installations of energy-efficient boilers across Wolverhampton

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