Why Choose us for Your LPG Boiler Installation in Wolverhampton

When you purchase a new boiler you’ll have a lot of decisions to make. In addition to deciding on the type of boiler, size of boiler and brand, you’ll also need to choose someone to install it. This is important and shouldn’t be overlooked, as if the person installing your boiler isn’t qualified or experienced, they can risk your safety as well as cause damage to your home.

Some engineers may have experience in certain types of boilers, such as oil, but not in others, such as gas or LPG. It’s crucial to check your engineer’s qualifications and experience, so you can be sure they have the relevant skills to carry out your installation to a high standard.

At Bog Standard Plumbing, we have excellent working knowledge of LPG boilers and are both Gas Safe registered and OFTEC registered. 

What is an LPG boiler?

LPG boilers are a popular alternative to gas boilers and oil boilers, particularly if you want a central heating system that works in a similar way to these. You may have considered or previously used options such as storage heaters or air heat pumps, but are interested in the benefits LPG can bring to your home. 

LPG is a combination fuel of liquid, petroleum and gas. This special fuel powers your boiler and provides heating and hot water to your property. Before LPG was an option, most homeowners not on the mains gas grid would opt for an oil boiler or an air heat pump, but LPG offers a new way. By using an LPG boiler you’ll be getting a central heating system that works effectively and is more environmentally sound than a boiler that only uses oil.  

Benefits of an LPG boiler

Having an LPG boiler brings with it many benefits, we’ve listed some of the main ones below:

LPG boilers are considered energy-efficient, with efficiency ratings of 90% or more for new A-rated condensing units.

While LPG is still a fossil fuel, it is less harmful to the environment than using oil alone. Using an LPG boiler can help reduce your carbon footprint as it emits 18% less carbon when burned, producing fewer CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

LPG is a cleaner fuel than oil and doesn’t create soot. This can make it easier to maintain than an oil-only burner.

Although it is powered differently to gas and oil boilers, it works day-to-day in a similar way. This means it still heats water and sends it around your pipes to your radiators, and once installed is usually straightforward to maintain as well as cost-effective to run.

As well as powering your boiler, you can also use LPG fuel for your oven and hob, making it extremely versatile and a good value fuel to invest in. 

Why you’re in good hands with Bog Standard Plumbing

At Bog Standard Plumbing we’re proud to serve our local community in Wolverhampton and have the experience, skills and know-how to do so to the highest standard every time. Our customers agree, having left us excellent reviews which you can read right here on our site.

As well as being reliable and professional, we’re also Gas Safe registered. This proves we have the relevant qualifications and experience to work with gas appliances. Your safety is important to us, and we would never compromise it. 

Who is qualified to install an LPG boiler?

Because LPG is made in part with gas, an LPG boiler must be installed by an experienced Gas Safe registered heating engineer. Not doing so will risk your safety and the safety of your family, but using someone who is Gas Safe registered means your installation will be undertaken properly.

It’s important to ensure you have chosen the right person to carry out your LPG boiler installation, so be sure to do your research. Check they have the right skills, experience and Gas Safe registration, and it’s usually a good idea to ask for examples of their work such as photos, and for customer reviews.   

LPG boiler installations in Wolverhampton

Our friendly team can install, service and maintain your LPG boiler, always working at expert level to the highest standard. If you’re in Wolverhampton or the surrounding areas and are considering a new LPG boiler installation, simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. To contact us you can call 0330 113 2248, email info@bogstandardplumbing.co.uk or complete our short online contact form